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Montana Police Protective Association

The Montana Police Protective Association, or MPPA, was established in 1930 and continues to be run by and for Montana police officers. The founding officers of MPPA began a movement to make things better through legislative measures and collective bargaining. 

We continue those efforts today. And thanks to the diligent work of many, our members—and their families—are able to benefit from the services MPPA is able to provide.

From 1930 to the present, the members of the MPPA have built one of the strongest police associations in the northwest. MPPA represents nearly 800 municipal police officers from 26 different agencies across the state and is the foremost police organization in the state of Montana.

Online Member Registration

Are you an MPPA member and want access to additional members-only content and MPPA member benefits? Then be sure to register for an online account by clicking the button below! Once your registration is submitted it generally takes 24 hours for your online account to be verified and approved. If you have any trouble creating your account, please feel free to contact us