Legislative & Political Advocacy

The MPPA is active with the Montana Legislature on all issues concerning Montana Law Enforcement, either directly or indirectly.

The Legislative Chairman, assisted by the Legislative Committeemen, monitor and follow all of the bills applicable as they pass through the process, and testify as to the position of Montana Law Enforcement Officers.

For more information, or items of concern, contact the Legislative Chairman.

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Montana Legislative Districts (both Senate and House).

Candidates who have filed for seats in the Montana Legislature.

The top priority of the MPPA’s legislative efforts is working to protect and ensure the longevity of the Municipal Police Officers Retirement System (MPORS), which offers members a 20 year retirement, regardless of the age at which you retire. This 20 year retirement was passed by the legislature in 1991, as is result of the lobbying efforts of MPPA. members of MPORS receive credit at 2.5% per year of service for each year they work with no cap on benefits. Members are vested after 5 years (MCA, Title 19, Chapter 10, Parts 1-12)

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