Legislative & Political Advocacy

MPPA Legislative Advocacy

Since 1930 the MPPA has been the strongest voice for Montana police officers and their families and is active with the Montana Legislature on all issues concerning Montana Law Enforcement and the Municipal Police Officers’ Retirement System (MPORS). 

The Legislative Chairman, MPPA Executive Director, and MPPA government affairs specialists, assisted by the Legislative Committeemen, monitor and follow all of the applicable bills as they pass through the legislative process, and testify as to the position of Montana Law Enforcement Officers.

MPPA’s top legislative priority is working to protect and ensure the longevity of MPORS, which offers members a 20 year retirement, regardless of the age at which you retire. This 20 year retirement was passed by the legislature in 1991 as a result of the lobbying efforts of MPPA. Members of MPORS receive credit at 2.5% per year of service for each year they work with no cap on benefits. Members are vested after 5 years (MCA, Title 19, Chapter 10, Parts 1-12).  MPPA’s lobbying efforts have not only resulted in the 20-year retirement, but have put in place the spousal benefit, DROP program, and other benefits for police officers. 

For more information, or items of concern, contact MPPA’s government relations team. 


MPPA has also established a Political Action Committee (PAC) to support candidates that support law enforcement and oppose those who do not. A PAC is a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates, or conduct public education campaigns on certain issues.

The MPPA PAC is funded through voluntary dues deductions that are optional for MPPA members. The deduction does not increase a members dues, but gives MPPA the consent necessary to use a portion of the dues paid by an individual member for political/PAC activity. The dues deduction for the PAC is strictly voluntary, and requires an annual opt-in to be signed by the member. If you’d like to contribute to the MPPA PAC, please fill out and return the PAC Donation Consent Form by clicking the link below. 


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