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“If you can’t do it in training, what makes you think you’ll do it on the street.” – T. Blauer

We know that different agencies provide a variety of training to their officers, but for some agencies—especially in rural Montana—the accessibility, affordability, and proximity of training opportunities can sometimes present barriers to officers pursuing trainings. Not only does the Montana Police Protective Association advocate in the Montana State Legislature for additional state and local funding for training and education for officers, but we also pay for members to attend certain trainings, and are constantly updating this page with new trainings and opportunities. That said, if you see or hear about a training or educational opportunity you’d like to share, please let us know and we are more than happy to share it with all out MPPA members!

Upcoming Trainings

2024 Montana Governor’s 20 L.E.O. Shooting Competition

August 9-10, 2024
Helena, Montana

  • Free Ballistics Gel Shoot on Friday (8/9/24) before the main event (sponsored by SLWS).
  • Firearms experts, vendors, and LE Reps from across the country will be gathered in MT.
  • NRA PPC competition with top 20 LE shooters being recognized by the Governor.
  • The award ceremony will be held in the Rotunda of the Montana State Capitol.
  • All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Mason Moore Foundation.

Each year law enforcement officers from around the state gather for friendly competition in the historic NRA PPC competition. Our modern twist to revitalize, increase participation, and department buy in is to depart from the traditional weapon classifications, and encourage participants to bring their current or even “ideal” duty weapon to compete with. Delegates from agencies will have the opportunity to compare and contrast equipment, ammunition, accessories, and even training programs on the range. Additionally, before and after relays the whole upper range will be set up for vendors, distributors, and industry experts to help delegates understand the rapidly evolving firearms market and plan for future needs.

This year in addition to the industry experts that will be assembled in one location, SLWC has generously agreed to sponsor a free ballistics gel workshop for any agencies/officers that want to attend. They will have everything needed to compare and contrast any combination of ammunition/firearm against the FBI testing protocol. Some of the notable experts who have agreed to send representatives or sponsor the event already include (Nightforce, Staccato, Olympus Arms, SLWS, AAC Suppressors, Holosun, FHF Gear, Vortex Optics, Rex Silentium Suppressors, Sionyx, DeSantis Holsters, Edgar Sherman Designs, Surefire, Proshot, Eleven10, Glock, Springfield Armory, and more).

Our goal is to bring as many knowledgeable parties and stake holders as possible together in one spot to help drive thoughtful discussion and informed decision making. If you (or someone associated with the firearms program in your agency i.e. armorers, firearms instructors, swat operators, or “decision makers”) would like to attend please register below. We hope to see you or your delegate(s) in August and encourage you to share this unique information with your LE contacts across the state. Events like this are an extremely economical way to bring expert insight back to your agency. Paper registration forms and a W9 can be provided upon request to agencies who prefer to pay by check. 

Registeration: Montana Governors 20 Registration | PractiScore

Rules: Gov 20 Rules 

Additional Information: Gov 20 Flyer

Quick Reaction Force Basic

August 12-16, 2024
Custer County Rural Fire Dept.
200 N. Haynes Ave., Miles City, Montana

Trinity Training and Consulting presents, “Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Basic”, hosted by the Miles City Police Department. This course is the patrol officer version of SWAT Basic. Students will be trained to all the applicable capabilities for Perimeter Control and Containment Teams listed in the 2018 NTOA Tactical Response & Operations Standard for Law Enforcement Agencies (TROS). Multiple practical application exercises will be conducted during this course. The cost of the 5 day course (40 hours POST) is $750.

Contact: Sgt. Ryan Ketchum, MCPD,


More Information: MCQRF Flyer

Training Resources

FTO Training

Kaminsky and Associates has been recognized as a leader in providing training in the Field Training Officer (FTO) concept since the mid 1970s. Click here to visit the Kamansky and Associates website. 

Reid Technique

John E. Reed and Associates are utilized by businesses, law enforcement, and government organizations to conduct law enforcement training programs. Click here to visit the Reed Associates website. 

Verbal Judo

This program focuses on Dr. George Thompson’s de-escalation education and teaching individuals ways to gently, yet powerfully, persuade and help them avoid, resolve, and manage resistance by using presence and words to resolve conflict. Click here to visit the Verbal Judo website. 

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